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Sacha Baron Mercury.
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The Man Who Would be Queen

The plot of my film follows Queen-members Roger Meaddows Taylor, Brian May, John
Deacon and Freddie Mercury (Comte) throughout the formative-years of the English rock-band Queen, whilst enduring the hardships of being a struggling music-group, to worldwide superstardom, until the untimely death of frontman and lead-singer Freddie Mercury all within 21 years.

Any donation put toward making this film happen will be greatly appreciated.

Please help! Spread the word!

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  • Freddie Mercury Biopic
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    THANK YOU!<3 

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So I wrote to Brian May regarding my project;
Hello, my name is Michael Grande, I live in the state of New York as an aspiring-director/writer, I am mailing this to you in hope you could pass this onto Dr. Brian May under the working-title of “The Man Who Would Be Queen”, I have yet to contact the author of the novel as to whether I am able to use this title for the current-biopic in process, although there are three-writers including Peter Morgan (who has written the biopic of the Queen and Frost/Nixon) as of today I have been writing a script for the biopic for quite sometime, please let me know if you or Brian is interested in reading this version of the film as I have worked almost 6-years perfecting it to the best of my ability and although I have little-experience in the film-industry this could be a good-read seeing as Brian and Roger are both producing the project.

I would like for us to reach and discuss a possible revision of the yet-to-be-titled Freddie Mercury biopic releasing in the fiscal year of 2014/2015. I have been following this project of GK-Films, Queen Films ltd, and Tribeca-Productions since early-2010 with concerns as to the production-process and more-so the legacy of our dearly-departed friend. The project is listed on IMDB (Internet Movie Database) as “Untitled Freddie Mercury Biopic” currently in Pre-Production as of November 2012, and last shot in Spring of this year,  now my first concern lies within the ‘proper-casting,’ as Sacha Baron Cohen though he may resemble Freddie bares a pretty-vast height differential then Freddie himself; Sacha towers at  6’ 3” (1.91 m), whereas Freddie was 5’ 9½” (1.77 m), given the proper-circumstances, Brian himself stands at 6’ 2” (1.88 m)
 on film this could pose a possible continuity-error and factual-error that could possess an issue amongst loyal-fans much like myself.  
Another casting-issue that I have noted is the director (rumored to be Tom Hooper) who has previously worked with Sacha in 2012’s “Les Miserables”  insists that the film be sung live; granted this could work provided Sacha does extensive vocal-training.
Freddie himself sang at various-octaves, starting with tenor, bass-low [F-F2] and climbing to as far Soprano-high [F-F6]. He also had no problem of tempo 
as he sung with an incisive sense of rhythm, his vocal placement was very good for someone who had no prior vocal-training yet was able to glide effortlessly from a register to another. He also had a great musicality. His phrasing was subtle, delicate and sweet or energetic and slamming. He was able to find the right colouring or expressive nuance for each word; however after listening to Sacha’s singing in both “Les Miserables”, “Bruno”, and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Steet” it is to my belief that Sacha seems unable to reach the proper-register suited for Freddie, perhaps one could mention to the director that dubbing could be the only way the two would match. 

I have also noted that the film though it may be understandable to some ends at only the earliest turning-points in Freddie’s career, furthermore, it ends on one of the finest examples of The Magic Tour which began in late-1985. Live-Aid which took place in 1987 was also partially the reason why Freddie decided to pursue his dream of opera-music, if it is possible, I would love coverage of his solo-career also though it may be unsettling to some, his illness was truthfully one of the most thought-provoking issues of his life; had he not been ill, one can assume he would’ve never of continued his work as a rock-musician and artist alike, coverage of his illness would not only bring the film to a more serious somber-tone, it could potentially add more depth into understanding his way of working; the fact that he would not once complain nor once give-up his dream of becoming the legend he once sought to be. 

Regarding the production-value, a film this vast would require extensive research as to how our friend was also a very private-individual off-stage and carried a very flamboyant stage-persona; whether the script has been completed or not, upon further speculation this film seems like it could possibly withhold those very-crucial scenes and disregard his personality and focus merely on the music itself, not that this an issue, but perhaps scenes regarding his own experiences amongst friends, his band-mates, and family would do it justice. 

Thank you very much for your time, 
and God Save the Queen. 
Yours Truly, 
Michael Grande.

as of October 20th:
Sacha Baron Cohen, Brian May, freddie mercury, queen
Sacha Baron Cohen attends 2013 Giffoni Film Festival photocall on July 28th, 2013 in Giffoni Valle Piana, Italy.
Stefania D’Alessandro/Getty

Brian May explained this weekend why Sacha Barron Cohen is no longer set to play Freddie Mercury in the biopic of the late Queen singer. “In the end, we felt that his presence in the movie would be very distracting,” the guitarist told Ultimate Classic Rock.

The news came out in July that Baron Cohen was dropping out of the project, which he had been slated to appear in since 2010, over creative differences. Deadline reported at the time that the surviving members of Queen, who have script and director approval on the project, envisioned a family-friendly PG movie, while Baron Cohen “was counting on a gritty R-rated tell-all.” But May said this weekend that the real reason was that Baron Cohen’s personality was just too big for the part.

"What led us to that conclusion was the last three movies that he’s made – The DictatorLes Miserables and Hugo – in which he makes outstanding performances, but they’re very much Sacha Baron Cohen performances,” May said. “And we thought there has to be no distraction in the Freddie movie. You have to really suspend that disbelief – the man who plays Freddie, you have to really believe is Freddie. And we didn’t that could really happen with Sacha.”

May insists that the band and the actor parted ways on very good terms. “It’s a shame that there were these sensationalist stories about him walking out. None of that was true,” he said, also noting that it was hard to talk about the split, “because we owe Sacha a lot. He had so much enthusiasm for the project and it really helped us kick it into the start position.”

May said they are close to finding a replacement for Cohen, but wouldn’t name any names. According to Contact Music, drummer Roger Taylor let it slip on BBC1’s The One Show Friday night that they were interested in Skyfall actor Ben Whishaw. Whishaw fortunately has some prior experience channeling rock stars in his work, having played Keith Richards in the 2005 film Stoned.

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..Why isn’t Brian May talking about this but SOMEWHAT took my project into consideration? Especially after word’s going around about:

Johnny Flynn
, who will portray Queen drummer and songwriter Roger Taylor in Mercury, the film about Queen’s flamboyant lead singer. Director Dexter Fletcher and producers Taylor, Brian May and Graham King have already chosen Ben Whishaw to play Freddie Mercury. The film charts Queen’s formation and follows them all the way to their legendary gig at Live Aid in 1985. 

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..Wow, Bri you sneaky, clever bastard.
This was announced..  
February 13th this year. 
Oh.. :/

Well, I guess these are spam:
Today I got two comments on the project-page:

Hi Mike how are you doing? I found your campaign in the Film category pages of indiegogo today. I wanted to share some advice that I think you will benefit from. I noticed a few things on your campaign that you could improve to help get you more traction. Are you looking for some extra help?”


..and only 10 hours earlier:

I am Brandy, I am a press release Writer. Working with press releases for crowdfund projects.
We would like to bring you press exposure by getting your campaign found!”

The Man Who Would be Queen

The plot of my film follows Queen-members Roger Meaddows Taylor, Brian May, John
Deacon and Freddie Mercury (Comte) throughout the formative-years of the English rock-band Queen, whilst enduring the hardships of being a struggling music-group, to worldwide superstardom, until the untimely death of frontman and lead-singer Freddie Mercury all within 21 years.

Any donation put toward making this film happen will be greatly appreciated.

Please help! Spread the word!

  • We need a big crew among full of talented like-minded individuals who also support theMercury Phoenix Trust, the rock-group Queen in their 21+ years active.

  • Most of the funds not met will go to donating to the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Mountain Studios in Montreaux, Switzerland for their lovely Queen: Studio Experience exhibition.
  • We’re going to need money to afford film-making equipment as well as licensing for several Queen tracks in their discography.
  • We want to raise money toward hiring talent, and possibly even extras-casting.
  • Catering-costs.
  • Rental-costs. (props, music-equipment, permits, etc.)
  • Crew-costs and expenses; (casting-agents, dialogue-coaches, location-scouts, choreographers.)
  • Application fees for (SAG) Screen Actors Guild, (DGE/DGW) Directors Guild EastDirectors Guild West,  (SWG) Screenwriters Guild of America.

  • What you’ll receive would be recognition on various social media platforms includingTumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.

  • You’ll be included and acknowledged in the Special-Thanks section of the credits.
  • As well as recogonition in the American and British press.

  • Tickets to England, Switzerland, and Zanzibar.
  • Tickets to see the Royal Ballet at the London Coliseum in England.
  • You may visit famous locations of where Freddie once resided in his time alive;
    including the Garden Lodge in Kensington England 
    Mountain Studios in Switzerland 
    Wembley Stadium in England
    Freddie and Mary’s first flat in Holland Park, England.
    Freddie’s first home in Zanzibar.
    Freddie’s first boarding-school St. Peter’s in Panchgani in (Bombay) Mumbai
    and much much more!

  • Posters among other gifts!

  • Other Ways You Can Help!
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Okay.. Maybe even MOVIE STUFF


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